Accepted Papers


Accepted Papers for HSCC 2019

Papers that have passed the repeatability evaluation present the RE-passed badge next to their title. Note that submitting the RE package was mandatory only for Tool and Case Study papers.

Regular Papers

  • Numerical Verification of Affine Systems with up to a Billion Dimensions, by Stanley Bak, Hoang Dung Tran and Taylor T Johnson
  • Facetal Abstraction for Non-Linear Dynamical Systems Based on delta-Decidable SMT, by Nikola Benes, Lubos Brim, Jana Dražanová, Samuel Pastva and David Šafránek
  • Inner and Outer Reachability for the Verification of Control Systems, by Eric Goubault and Sylvie Putot
  • A New Simulation Metric to Determine Safe Environments and Controllers for Systems with Unknown Dynamics, by Shromona Ghosh, Somil Bansal, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Sanjit A. Seshia and Claire Tomlin
  • On the Decidability of Reachability in Linear Time-Invariant Systems, by Nathanaël Fijalkow, Joel Ouaknine, Amaury Pouly, Joao Sousa Pinto and James Worrell
  • On the Decidability of Linear Bounded Periodic Cyber-Physical Systems, by Ruggero Lanotte, Massimo Merro and Fabio Mogavero
  • Verification and synthesis of interconnected embedded control systems under timing contracts, by Mohammad Al Khatib and Majid Zamani
  • Interface-Aware Signal Temporal Logic, by Thomas Ferrere, Dejan Nickovic, Alexandre Donze, Hisahiro Ito and James Kapinski
  • Mixed-Integer Formulations for Optimal Control of Piecewise-Affine Systems, by Tobia Marcucci and Russ Tedrake
  • Towards Formal Verification of Neural Network Controlled Autonomous Systems, by Xiaowu Sun, Haitham Khedr and Yasser Shoukry
  • A complete characterization of the ordering of path-complete methods, by Matthew Philippe and Raphaël Jungers
  • Efficiency through Uncertainty: Scalable Formal Synthesis for Stochastic Hybrid Systems, by Nathalie Cauchi, Luca Laurenti, Morteza Lahijanian, Alessandro Abate, Marta Kwiatkowska and Luca Cardelli
  • Verisig: verifying safety properties of hybrid systems with neural network controllers, by Radoslav Ivanov, James Weimer, Rajeev Alur, George Pappas and Insup Lee
  • Reachability Analysis for Neural Feedback Systems using Regressive Polynomial Rule Inference, by Souradeep Dutta, Xin Chen and Sriram Sankaranarayanan
  • Robust Invariant Sets Generation for State-Constrained Perturbed Polynomial Systems, by Bai Xue, Qiuye Wang, Naijun Zhan and Martin Fraenzle
  • Formal Verification of Weakly-Hard Systems, by Chao Huang, Wenchao Li and Qi Zhu
  • Falsification of Hybrid Systems using Symbolic Reachability and Trajectory Splicing, by Sergiy Bogomolov, Goran Frehse, Amit Gurung, Dongxu Li, Georg Martius and Rajarshi Ray
  • On topological entropy and stability of switched linear systems, by Guosong Yang, Joao Hespanha and Daniel Liberzon
  • Characterizations of Safety in Hybrid Inclusions via Barrier Functions, by Mohamed Maghenem and Ricardo Sanfelice
  • Temporal Logic Robustness for General Signal Classes, by Houssam Abbas, Yash Vardhan Pant and Rahul Mangharam
  • Revisiting Timed Logics with Automata Modalities, by Hsi-Ming Ho
  • Tool and Case Study Papers

  • pFaces: An Acceleration Ecosystem for Symbolic Control, by Mahmoud Khaled and Majid Zamani
  • JuliaReach: a Toolbox for Set-Based Reachability, by Sergiy Bogomolov, Marcelo Forets, Goran Frehse, Kostiantyn Potomkin and Christian Schilling
  • TIRA: Toolbox for Interval Reachability Analysis, by Pierre-Jean Meyer, Alex Devonport and Murat Arcak
  • SReachTools: A MATLAB Stochastic Reachability Toolbox, by Abraham P. Vinod, Joseph D. Gleason and Meeko M. K. Oishi
  • Evrostos: The rLTL Verifier, by Tzanis Anevlavis, Daniel Neider, Matthew Phillipe and Paulo Tabuada
  • Gray-box Adversarial Testing for Control Systems with Machine Learning Components, by Shakiba Yaghoubi and Georgios Fainekos

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