Accepted Papers


Accepted Papers for HSCC 2019

Papers that have passed the repeatability evaluation present the RE-passed badge next to their title. Note that submitting the RE package was mandatory only for Tool and Case Study papers.

Regular Papers

Numerical Verification of Affine Systems with up to a Billion Dimensions
Stanley Bak, Hoang Dung Tran and Taylor T Johnson

Facetal Abstraction for Non-Linear Dynamical Systems Based on delta-Decidable SMT
Nikola Benes, Lubos Brim, Jana Dražanová, Samuel Pastva and David Šafránek

Inner and Outer Reachability for the Verification of Control Systems
Eric Goubault and Sylvie Putot

A New Simulation Metric to Determine Safe Environments and Controllers for Systems with Unknown Dynamics
Shromona Ghosh, Somil Bansal, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Sanjit A. Seshia and Claire Tomlin

On the Decidability of Reachability in Linear Time-Invariant Systems
Nathanaël Fijalkow, Joel Ouaknine, Amaury Pouly, Joao Sousa Pinto and James Worrell

On the Decidability of Linear Bounded Periodic Cyber-Physical Systems
Ruggero Lanotte, Massimo Merro and Fabio Mogavero

Verification and synthesis of interconnected embedded control systems under timing contracts
Mohammad Al Khatib and Majid Zamani

Interface-Aware Signal Temporal Logic
Thomas Ferrere, Dejan Nickovic, Alexandre Donze, Hisahiro Ito and James Kapinski

Mixed-Integer Formulations for Optimal Control of Piecewise-Affine Systems
Tobia Marcucci and Russ Tedrake

Formal Verification of Neural Network Controlled Autonomous Systems
Xiaowu Sun, Haitham Khedr and Yasser Shoukry

A complete characterization of the ordering of path-complete methods
Matthew Philippe and Raphaël Jungers

Efficiency through Uncertainty: Scalable Formal Synthesis for Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Nathalie Cauchi, Luca Laurenti, Morteza Lahijanian, Alessandro Abate, Marta Kwiatkowska and Luca Cardelli

Verisig: verifying safety properties of hybrid systems with neural network controllers
Radoslav Ivanov, James Weimer, Rajeev Alur, George Pappas and Insup Lee

Reachability Analysis for Neural Feedback Systems using Regressive Polynomial Rule Inference
Souradeep Dutta, Xin Chen and Sriram Sankaranarayanan

Robust Invariant Sets Generation for State-Constrained Perturbed Polynomial Systems
Bai Xue, Qiuye Wang, Naijun Zhan and Martin Fraenzle

Formal Verification of Weakly-Hard Systems
Chao Huang, Wenchao Li and Qi Zhu

Falsification of Hybrid Systems using Symbolic Reachability and Trajectory Splicing
Sergiy Bogomolov, Goran Frehse, Amit Gurung, Dongxu Li, Georg Martius and Rajarshi Ray

On topological entropy and stability of switched linear systems
Guosong Yang, Joao Hespanha and Daniel Liberzon

Characterizations of Safety in Hybrid Inclusions via Barrier Functions
Mohamed Maghenem and Ricardo Sanfelice

Temporal Logic Robustness for General Signal Classes
Houssam Abbas, Yash Vardhan Pant and Rahul Mangharam

Revisiting Timed Logics with Automata Modalities
Hsi-Ming Ho

Tool and Case Study Papers

pFaces: An Acceleration Ecosystem for Symbolic Control
Mahmoud Khaled and Majid Zamani

JuliaReach: a Toolbox for Set-Based Reachability
Sergiy Bogomolov, Marcelo Forets, Goran Frehse, Kostiantyn Potomkin and Christian Schilling

TIRA: Toolbox for Interval Reachability Analysis
Pierre-Jean Meyer, Alex Devonport and Murat Arcak

SReachTools: A MATLAB Stochastic Reachability Toolbox
Abraham P. Vinod, Joseph D. Gleason and Meeko M. K. Oishi

Evrostos: The rLTL Verifier
Tzanis Anevlavis, Daniel Neider, Matthew Phillipe and Paulo Tabuada

Gray-box Adversarial Testing for Control Systems with Machine Learning Components
Shakiba Yaghoubi and Georgios Fainekos